• Me Made May 2016--What are we doing here?

    Blogger So, Zo…What do you know? has been running the Me Made May challenge for six years running. This is a self dictated challenge that encourages creators to wear or make their own garments during the month of May and beyond. The month of May is now synonymous with creating your own clothes in the making community and thankfully so.

    In a world of fast fashion and wanting everything right this second, participating in Me Made May is a special tradition for crafty folk as we take time to slow things down and remember what we are doing and why we are doing it.

    Creating your own clothes using all methods is a special process that we at CGY know to be a nearly sacred experience. There is time and effort expended in each part of the process from picking out the material to the pattern, to the actual making and finishing of the piece. The thrill of wearing something you created yourself is incredible and we love seeing customers and friends donning their handmade gear.

    Beyond reminding us, the makers, of how important our skills are Me Made May raises awareness about making your own clothing and when to trust the allure of fast fashion. Though the month is half through, make sure you scroll through the #mmmay16 #memademay #memademay16 tags on Instagram to support your fellow makers and incite inspiration in your own work!

    Learn more about this amazing event here:

  • Batts, Rolags and Spinning Local

    One of Cowgirl Yarn’s main claims to fame is our vast collection of Wyoming grown yarns and fibers. We love staying local because we love our community. Locally grown fiber in Wyoming isn’t hard to find either. Though small farm fiber production isn’t as abundant as it used to be, many Wyoming ranchers are making a living from the land and their animals.



    IMG_20160426_081710 (1)This spring we added a little something new to our local collection, a card your own batt or rolag station! This station features picked wool from the Tronstad Ranch, a local ranch about twenty minutes outside of town, that has been hand dyed in a rainbow of shades.

    This opportunity allows picky spinners the opportunity to create exactly what they want from the most local of fibers. Along with picked fiber from the Tronstad’s we have Teeswater, Wensleydale, and Blue Faced Leicester locks to add in to your batts and rolags for a bit of texture.


    For more information on carding your own batts or rolags, check out this short video.

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