Afterthought Everything Sock Knitting

Maureen Johnson

Afterthought Everything Sock Knitting
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Afterthought Sock Knitting is the perfect sock knitting method for those special self striping yarns or for making the most of a precious skein! 

What does Afterthought mean? It means that you knit the body of your sock tube and then knit your heels and toes after the body is complete! This technique makes it easy to use a contrasting color for your heels and toes and shows off self striping yarn perfectly because there are no short rows to mess up your stripes. 

This method is great for knitters who have been knitting socks for ages AND for knitters who want to try making socks for the first time! 

Materials: 100g of sock yarn, contrasting yarn for heels and toes if you wish, your favorite sock needle size and style for knitting in the round, stitch marker, scrap of sock weight yarn in a contrasting color to your sock body, measuring tape, pencil

Homework: Swatch with your sock yarn to select your preferred gauge and needle size for your socks


Thursday September 20 5:30-7pm

Thursday October 11 5:30-7pm



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